• Remote configuation
  • Brand new battery range
  • Robust external sensor
  • Pressures of up to 20bar
  • IP68 water and dust resistant
  • CE and FCC certified

PIPEMINDER-ONE is the next generation low-cost network monitoring tool from Syrinix, with adaptations for both supply and wastewater pipelines.

Building on the power of previous PIPEMINDER technologies, PIPEMINDER-ONE is smaller, smarter and more powerful.


Smart price, smart results

Priced for volume deployment to ensure high-quality data outputs and quality management information, PIPEMINDER-ONE combines accurate pressure monitoring at 128 samples per second, with high accuracy network synced  (to an NPT server via the mobile network) time stamping.

New processor, greater coverage

Improved processing capabilities enable smart transient event detection, with a highly reliable, future proof cellular connection that can make use of 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

Burst alarm

A powerful burst alarm tool quickly advices the utility of an asset failure. This automated piece of analysis can now spot failure on a rising main with a burst alarm sent within a few hours, giving customers time to address the problem in the field before it becomes a serious event.

Increased battery offering

PIPEMINDER-ONE supports a range of rechargeable and single-use batteries, with flexible device settings allowing data transfers as often as every 15 minutes alongside instant event data transfer and alerts.

Low battery alerts  are now available via RADAR to warn when a recharge or replacement is due.


Brand new zone alarms

PIPEMINDER-ONE now gives you the capability to set alarm notifications to alert if mean thresholds are exceeded.

These alarm channels are configured on RADAR and can be set for pressure and temperature.

A typical application would be to generate high / high-high / low / low-low pressure alarms with immediate connection and reporting to RADAR when an alarm zone is entered.

Figure 2 - shows a graphical representation of these zones

Flexible Integration

Network data, events, and activity can be integrated live into 3rd party analysis and SCADA systems.

RADAR platform can receive SCADA asset data feeds to analyze pressure events alongside network activity.


PIPEMINDER in action