Instant alarms feed a targeted operational response

At Evides Waterbedrijf, following the deployment of transient monitoring sensors within a district metered area (DMA), bursts of varying flow rates were simulated at multiple hydrant locations.

A pressure wave from a burst travels around the DMA and is detected by multiple PIPEMINDER devices which are time-synchronised (to within +/- 50 milliseconds) and transfer high sample rate data over the cellular network to RADAR, Syrinix’s cloud-based data analytics platform.

Collectively, the devices utilise the onset of the pressure waves and RADAR runs an automatic triangulation algorithm to calculate the location of the burst.

All this can happen in a five-minute time-span. The customer is alerted and knows immediately where to send field crews.

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GIS Map shows the order of monitors detecting the burst (green markers), red flag depicts the source location.

Burst Alarm tool saves Anglian Water £'s

Anglian Water has installed more than 120 PIPEMINDER sensors at pump stations, to gain insight for the analysis of behaviour within sewer force mains.

From the data the sensors provided, RADAR classifies differing behavior patterns and places them within categorized 'zones'.

If anomalous activity occurs outside of these zones, a 'burst alarm' is sent to the operational control center.

In May 2019, early detection of a burst rising main concluded in a repair bill of £1,100 as opposed to the £25,000 bill received in December 2018, before the development of this analytical tool.

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Sensor placement of PIPEMINDER-ONE on a pressurised wastewater network

Peace of mind for Madrid trunk mains

In May 2018, Canal de Isabel II experienced a large waterpipe burst in Madrid that left 1M residents without water.

A pilot was undertaken using PIPEMINDER-T acoustic correlators to detect and alert for leaks that could pre-empt catastrophic failure.

Leak tests were run in urban and rural areas where leaks can easily go undetected.

Positive results were recorded in all pilot areas, with one clear leak recording a distance over 3.3k between the sensors, in a rural area.

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With instant intelligence, utilities are empowered to make quick adjustments to operations that can reduce costs and extend infrastructure life. 

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Leak detected at 3.3k between sensors