In this month's AWWA Opflow magazine, read how Cobb Country Marietta Water Authority have evolved their use of Syrinix technology to extend network knowledge.

The utility has worked together with Syrinix for over four years. In this time, operations have adapted to make use of the analysis tools on offer. They have used these to gain a clearer understanding of the network behaviour and with that, an ability to make informed decisions.

Cobb County Marietta Water Authority uses a combination of Syrinix PIPEMINDER-S and PIPEMINDER-T devices.

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Oflow magazine

"Many leak detection systems focus on finding small leaks, not leaks where the leak rate goes from zero to 7,000 GPM in a few seconds, and monitoring pressure transients in our network allow CCMWA to detect these large leaks which used to elude us.”

"The more recent developments in shape classification and break locating enable us not only to be better armed to troubleshoot immediate problems but also allow us to make better planning and asset repair and management decisions."

Thomas Ginn, P.E. Planning and Technical Services Manager

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