How can Syrinix help?

In this challenging time, providing an essential water supply service to customers whilst keeping staff safe and driving greater affordability, is of paramount importance. 

It is likely that over the next month(s), utilities will be facing:

Drastically transforming consumption patterns.

Passers-by no longer phoning in leaks and bursts, so exacerbating the challenges of locating bursts quickly.

Increased absence levels placing greater pressure on teams to focus on major network events, with rapid effective response the priority

Colleagues working in unfamiliar roles risking unintentionally delaying appropriate actions.

At Syrinix, building on our work providing leading technology solutions to the UK water sector for the last decade, we have given thought to how we can support both utility activities and the sector more broadly. 

This includes provision of the following which cannot be provided with lower resolution pressure monitoring:

Supply Networks (trunk and distribution)

Automated immediate burst triangulation to avoid wasted time locating the source

Immediate alerting where low pressure thresholds are breached

An automatic switch to high frequency and resolution data reporting when events occur to allow the impact of consequent operations actions on the network to be monitored remotely

Rising Mains

Automatic notification of rising main bursts.

Data analysis for other issues occurring eg blockages, passing NRVs, worn pumps.

Speed to react

All of the above can be provided quickly, with installation at existing access points.

In support of the above we are also able to provide remote monitoring of units and advisory analysis.

All of the data and reporting is also immediately accessible via any web-enabled device to avoid the need for IT integration.

Reflective of the current situation, pricing has also been deliberately reviewed.

If this might be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact James Dunning Mark Hendy Bill Kelly Kris Kadlecek

Download our PDF for a visual interpretation of our offering

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