Syrinix are working together with Managing Consultants - Skewb, to support clients with quick and agile event detection solutions and longer-term calm network projects.

In the current climate of remote working and reduced operational capacity, the ability to know when, and where, your critical assets have failed is fundamental to a quick and robust response.

By deploying the right equipment and embedding it into the business as usual, a water company can reduce burst response times by hours, reducing the impact on customers, leakage and minimising consequential damage.


Pressure Transient graph

Transient pressure events are a primary cause of water network failures. Once identified and resolved, savings continue year on year, as a result of the initial investment. This is key in the new world of convergence calculation, where every burst event has a substantial impact on leakage and ODI performance.

The recently published UKWIR report on innovation recognises that burst prevention is an area the industry still must fully embrace, which is aligned to our own thinking on effective and efficient network management.

The partnership offers a robust, outcome-based turnkey service on event monitoring and network calming and combines both company's strengths:

A proven outcome delivery track record, operational leakage management experience, and a trusted technology stack from the field to the control centre.

The pre-COVID challenges the water sector faced have not gone away. Meanwhile the world we now live in is presenting both significant new challenges but also significant new opportunities around monitoring and managing network pipelines and other assets. With our complimentary skillsets we are delighted to be working with Skewb to support water utilities as they drive forward in this new world.
James Dunning - CEO Syrinix

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