The water industry in the Netherlands is seeing that SMART systems are becoming much more important for the way that working practices need to adapt.

An aging workforce sees local knowledge diminish, but a new workforce brings with it a new mindset and the requirement of faster ‘on the job’ learning.

This is an important trigger for smart systems and a new more fluid way of working. The Netherlands is seeing an increasing number of failures on aging infrastructure and customers are more aware and want better services.

Vitens, the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands, implemented a pilot project with the objective to discover how pressure transient monitoring could be used to localise network events, enabling an optimised response to asset failure.

Event triangulation

Different sizes of burst events were simulated on the network using a modified standpipe, at multiple locations across the DMA. 

The captured event data from PIPEMINDER-S and PIPEMINDER-C sensors was used to validate the detectability of the events and confirm how far the pressure wave would travel around the network.

Syrinix analysts used the captured data and GIS to successfully calculate the source of the burst event.

These simulations were repeated in different locations to similar degrees of success.

Map shows test sites where events were simulated, and where PIPEMINDER-S deployments.
Fig 1 shows test sites where events were simulated (red dots), and where PIPEMINDER-S deployments (orange dots).

Graph shows a simulated burst that was picked up and detected by five PIPEMINDER-S monitors.
Fig 2 shows a simulated burst that was picked up and detected by five PIPEMINDER-S monitors.

Vitens present at Global Leakage Summit
Vitens present at the Global Leakage Summit June 2019

Fig 3 shows location of monitors which detected event (green), monitors that did not see the event (orange) the location of the burst (flag) and confidence range (red circle) from analysis.

These studies provided useful insight in the network behaviour in case of burst events. It’s another step on the path towards a more smart network, and we’re excited to see where it will lead us.

Together with Syrinix, Vitens are looking for the next step to ensure we will get there.

Afke Stellingwerff, Process Co-ordinator, Vitens

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