View the May WIPAC webinar and hear how Syrinix VP Engineering Ben Smither and Anglian Water Asset Optimisation Engineer Lorenzo Pompa, worked together in a true demonstration of innovation and a collaboration partnership.

This enabled Syrinix to successfully develop the capabilities of pressure monitoring, to identify bursts on a force main.

Analysis of data collected from PIPEMINDER devices deployed at pump stations, translated to a visual representation of what good, bad, and indifferent performance looked like. An automated alert for burst main identification was developed which changed how the utility could adapt to operational issues.

A singular example of the early detection alert in practice, achieved a £24,000 cost saving and significantly reduced environmental impact.

“This new level of monitoring has allowed Anglian Water to deploy strategies aimed at extending the life of the rising main, of which early results have suggested it will allow for deferral of capital investment by extending asset life."
Rebecca Harrison, Project lead and Asset Optimisation manager, Anglian Water

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