With Syrinix Intelligence, you know when there’s a transient in your network but until recently automatically pinpointing the location – and cause of the event – was extremely difficult.

With RADAR’s triangulation feature, identifying the source of a major transient is now automated, providing deeper insight into network activity and enabling increased operational efficiencies.

In 2017, customer Anglian Water reviewed the pressure profile in their network using Syrinix Intelligence exactly as the high-resolution pressure monitoring tool was designed: to identify a leak to a specific section of pipe.

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Graph showing pressure in pipeline
The burst event. The increase in maintained pressure , following the leak repair, is thought to have increased the stresses in the fragile main and heavily contributed to the burst

The Anglian Water operations team was notified and easily repaired the leak, stabilising the network and ensuring supply.  But although the leak had been repaired, the original transient issue was not addressed and so, three days later, the pipe burst in a different location.

Anglian Water challenged Syrinix to go beyond simply detecting an event to identifying the source of the event.

More detailed information, they knew, would lead to improved operations and lower costs for the utility, which supplies 1.2 billion litres of drinking water per day to customers in the East of England.

How did we do it? Well, the resulting pressure wave from the burst event was detected at multiple monitoring sites.

Using accurate GIS, the onset time of the pressure wave and the wave speed of the pipe, we are able to analyse the event and estimate the burst location. In this case, the estimate was within 22 meters of the source on a network on many miles.

The work completed on this project resulted in Syrinix winning a coveted 2017 Anglian Water Supplier of the Year Award for ‘Innovation – Investing in the Future’.

Had this information been automated at the time, Anglian Water operational staff would have located the burst and responded before a customer call was received.

Anglian Water Award
Syrinix Anglian Water Shop Window Project Team
Rakesh Mavadia, Paul Valleley, Mark Hendy, James Dunning, Fionn Boyle, Andy Smith, Nick Sexton

Triangulation Menu
Find under events tab

Recognising that this level of insight will benefit utilities around the world, we have built the same award-winning technology into the latest RADAR platform.

Making it accessible to all of our customers.

Triangulation, found in the platform under Network Events, is achieved when a transient event is detected using two or more PIPEMINDER sensors, each offering a precise time-data point.

With an integrated GPS receiver recording the unit’s position, an algorithm is applied to the data, the exact location is pinpointed, and the customer is immediately alerted.

Utilities using Syrinix Intelligence now have access to faster localisation of transient sources like a sudden break, water theft, or aggressive industrial usage.

If you’re not already using the RADAR triangulation feature, contact Syrinix Support Team to learn how: support@syrinix.com

RADAR in action

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