How can Syrinix help?

Data collected from high resolution PIPEMINDER pressure sensors deployed along a rising main is used to analyse the operation of the complete pipeline system.

The collected data is sent to RADAR and analysed against set performance parameters and it is this which determines the system operating state.

This enables the identification of asset issues such as spotting blockages, sticking/passing non-return valves, worn pumps and burst mains.

Burst alarm

Our rising main monitoring service includes the automated ability to identify bursts, alerted via an alarm. Pressure data can also identify other operational problems within the network.

This combination increases overall resilience by improving visibility and quickening incident response times, which in turn feeds overall network optimisation and assists predictive operational maintenance plans.

Figure 1 – sensor placement of PIPEMINDER-C on a gravity wastewater network

Why monitor rising main networks?

There is currently little recognised monitoring for rising main networks. utilities collect SCADA data within pumping stations and rely upon the general public to report obvious pollution events. 

Our rising main monitoring service provides pressure data which builds a picture of network behaviour. This data can be acted upon with confidence, automatically addressing current industry and environmental issues and challenges. 

An altogether greener solution

With regulatory, environmental pressures and public goodwill to maintain, Syrinix offers a brand new service which not only provides a strong ethical stance via its provision of visibility and quickened response times, but can also lead to a deferral of capital investment.

A complete service from deployment of PIPEMINDER devices to alerting, analysis and reporting is available. Talk to us to discuss your needs



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