Track the cause of harmful events

After the deployment of PIPEMINDER units, there is no lengthy integration process to view data.

The intuitive start-up process immediately allows for viewing the activity of multiple devices.

A 'network events' section quickly highlights the source of major pressure events across a network.

Map view of harmful events

Piezometric head support

A site elevation feature allows viewing of pressure data whilst also taking elevation head into account for improved analysis.

With the functionality to set alerts and notifications, be selective in receiving only the data you require, in relation to a specific event

Map showing pressure readings

Zone alarms for high/low pressure

Using our latest PIPEMINDER-ONE or PIPEMINDER-H equipment, alerts can be set for operating zone alarms to notify when pressure values go above or below desired limits.

Users can be alerted to the high/low-pressure event and receive continual data updates, as they respond to the underlying cause.

The communication frequency is increased whilst a problem is detected and once the problem has passed, returns to its usual 'dial-up' profile.

screen showing pressure zones

Simpler asset management

Map filters and views make it easy to find assets with issues and spot those in need of future maintenance tasks e.g. battery recharging.

With RADAR, filtered high-resolution data is visible and adjustable from your desk instead of just in the field.

Map of assets

RADAR cloud-based platform from Syrinix provides complex network intelligence in a simple, easy to use platform. Armed with overlaid data from multiple sources, utilities can make decisions that extend the life of aging water distribution infrastructure.

Syrinix case studies

City of Galveston

Case Study – City of Galveston uses PIPEMINDER-ONE pressure monitors to revitalise its system and improve resilience

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