Remote monitoring helps to keep staff out of the field

With comprehensive remote monitoring, utilities can access all the information they need, and with RADAR our cloud-based platform, this data, and analysis are accessible from anywhere, even from home.

With time to find the failures optimised due to automated burst detection, the workforce is kept out of the field unless a significant event leads to necessary repairs on an asset.

Our technology works together to automatically locate and immediately alert any large burst or pressure events when they occur. Meaning teams spend only the time they need, fighting the crisis in the field.


Video shows a visualisation of RADAR, the network overview and graph functionality

Automated burst alarm notifies utility within 5 minutes of burst!

We worked with Dutch Utility Evides to demonstrate the burst alarm capability through a series of infield simulations.

The map shows how the automated location prediction (red flag) is placed once the algorithm calculations are complete. The client was alerted to this in under five minutes of the pressure event or burst taking place.

In this example, the predicted location was positioned just 80m from the true burst location.  Full story here

Figure 4: Detailed map, GIS overlay and determined burst location


Rising main 'burst alarm' returns a 24k saving for Anglian Water

In the UK, on wastewater rising main, Anglian Water was looking for a solution to alert burst sewer pipes.

Within RADAR, we aggregate the performance of the rising main to advise on how a system is operating now, compared to what optimum performance should be. If activity occurs outside of the set 'performance zone', a burst alarm is raised in the operational control centre meaning the time to respond to asset failure is reduced significantly.

In May 2019 early detection of a burst rising main meant a repair bill of £1,100 as opposed to a £25,000 repair bill 6 months earlier, prior to the burst alarm implementation.

Early detection meant Anglian Water could minimise the impact on the environment, whilst lessening any customer impact and company reputation. Full story here


Image of new RADAR platformWorker safety on your mind?

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