How can Syrinix help?

At Syrinix we understand just how important it is to manage risk on critical pipelines.

With our sophisiticated acoustic technology coupled with signal processing optimised for leak finding, we support utilities with the provision of leak detection on transmission mains.

Acoustic correlation

Pairs of PIPEMINDER-T devices incorporating both a hydrophone and a geophone are deployed on the pipe performing acoustic correlation along the installed length.

Multiple sets of acoustic data are collected, reviewed and monitored via RADAR, and confidence based alerts, with built in false positive mitigation are reported.  

Depending on the criticality of the monitoring site, PIPEMINDER-T systems can either be left in situ for complete 24/7 coverage or can be moved to other pipelines.

The addition of pressure monitoring sensors at shorter intervals on the transmission main also enhances understanding of how the pipeline is operating.  


Why should you monitor transmission mains?

Transmission mains are described as the 'motorways' of the water network: large pipes of 18" diameter or larger, carrying significant volumes of water. 

These pipelines present a far more challenging environment for vibro-acoustic leak finding than smaller service mains.

Managing risk

A burst transmission main would cause significant and likely catastrophic damage to homes and businesses, traffic disruption, and loss of water supply.

Water infrastructure is aging and it is the responsibility of each water company to look into ways to increase pipeline resilience, and therefore customer satisfaction.

Syrinix can work with you from pre-installation surveys, planning the deployment and position of sensors, to advising on levels of required analysis.

Talk to us about how we can help you to manage your pipeline risk.



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