• Intuitive display of event data
  • 1 & 15 min summary data
  • Map & street view with GIS
  • Email & SMS notification
  • Remote configuration
  • Customizable reports

RADAR is Syrinix's secure cloud based platform, combining powerful data analysis tools with a simple and easy to use interface. Data sets from all PIPEMINDER systems are analysed and displayed.

What's on your RADAR?

Providing utilities with a detailed view of network activity, RADAR aggregates statistical and graphical information from PIPEMINDER sensors in a specified area. This includes information such as status, battery information, signal strength, location, activity logs, error logs, events and pressure and flow data.

RADAR screen - transient

Introducing RABOT

You will find our friendly guide bot 'RABOT' throughout the RADAR site. He will be by your side as your search out information and view reports.

Device visibility

The integration of Google Maps allows deployed units to be easily located and viewed. Utility GIS data can be uploaded and overlaid for a clearer understanding of PIPEMINDER locations.

Smooth integration

Easy to use tools for exporting makes integrating data into other systems simple.

Powerful analysis tools

From deployment planning and shape recognition of transient patterns through to automated triangulation of burst events, RADAR brings your network to life via informing and displaying quick and digestible information to allow for informed decision making.

Smart event alerts

RADAR provides users with immediate notification of critical events, without overloading with non-essential issues.

Customisable reports

Tailor the information you require for events, uptime, status, leakage statistics, pressure and flow.

RADAR in action