Syrinix worked with Anglian Water within their innovation hub area termed ‘Shop Window’, deploying PIPEMINDER-S sensors on a section of PVC pipe with a history of bursts between a pump station and a water tower.

It was soon noted that when pumps were off, pressure was dropping at the pump station, suggestion that water was being lost within the system.

Analysis estimated a leak of 1-2l/s was evident and in reviewing the network pressure profile within Syrinix's RADAR data hub it was possible to triangulate the leak to a specific section of the pipe.

Anglian Water repaired the leak meaning the pressure held stable. However, there was a knock on effect in that the new maintained pressure, increased the stresses on the (by then) fragile main and three days later the pipe burst.

The onset time of the burst detected at each monitored site, is a function of the distance from the burst and the wave speed of the pipe and when this is overlaid with accurate GIS data it is possible to triangulate the burst location.

The red line shows the pressure dropping when the pumps were switched off

The burst event. The increase in maintained pressure , following the leak repair, is thought to have increased the stresses in the fragile main and heavily contributed to the burst

The exact point at which the burst occurred.


For this burst, the estimated location given to Anglian Water by Syrinix was 22m from the true burst location.

This opened our eyes to the benefit that permanent high frequency pressure monitoring can provide.

Not only could we identify and solve pre-existing issues such as the leak, but we can also have constant accurate monitoring for future events, such as the burst main.

Fionn Boyle, Shop Window Project Manager, Anglian Water

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