PIPEMINDER data loggers, RADAR platform, and Syrinix Intelligence services

We provide a combination of network monitoring equipment with a cloud-based data platform and advisory analysis and management services.

Syrinix solutions identify issues on water networks, enabling utilities to reduce failures and extend asset life.

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PIPEMINDER sensors, RADAR cloud platform.

Instant alarms feed a targeted operational response

At Evides Waterbedrijf, following the deployment of transient monitoring sensors within a district metered area (DMA), bursts of varying flow rates were simulated at multiple hydrant locations.

A pressure wave from a burst travels around the DMA and is detected by multiple PIPEMINDER devices which are time-synchronised (to within +/- 50 milliseconds) and transfer high sample rate data over the cellular network to RADAR, Syrinix’s cloud-based data analytics platform.

Collectively, the devices utilise the onset of the pressure waves and RADAR runs an automatic triangulation algorithm to calculate the location of the burst.

All this can happen in a five-minute time-span. The customer is alerted and knows immediately where to send field crews.

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Figure 4: Detailed map, GIS overlay and determined burst location

Cost-effective detection for failures

With a ring main loop of transmission mains of approx. 200 miles serving 850k end users, Cobb County Marietta Water Authority had suffered several sudden 6-12” tapping saddle failures.

Each of these events created an orifice flow condition that limited the leak rate to that of flow, meaning large scale leaks were not detected.

Following the installation of PIPEMINDER devices, over a six month period, Syrinix alerted the utility to several abnormal events, meaning that better planning and more informed asset repair and management decisions could be taken.

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This map shows the transmission loop with markers representing where PIPEMINDER-S devices were deployed.
Fig 1 shows the transmission loop with markers representing where PIPEMINDER devices were deployed. Locations differed from pump stations to valve chambers.

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