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Syrinix's range of future-focused, more intelligent pipeline monitoring solutions enables water companies to detect, and then mitigate issues on the water pipe network before they become more serious failures.

In tandem with sophisticated technology, Syrinix has launched an expanding service offering named 'Syrinix Intelligence', easing the strain on manpower, and providing an additional analytical resource. Syrinix operates in two main fields: detection, tracking, and characterization of pressure transients, including wastewater on force mains, and the detection of leaks on large transmission mains.

Each PIPEMINDER product enables companies to make better informed, data-driven decisions concerning infrastructure and water network behavior. Their use is proven to extend the longevity of both existing and new infrastructure, saving money, and safeguarding precious water resources.

From transient detection to network monitoring, asset management to leak correlation, risk management to network calming, Syrinix's range of smarter monitoring solutions allows you to be more proactive and prevent potential issues. Syrinix technology gives you greater clarity, understanding, and ultimately, peace of mind.

Syrinix's PIPEMINDER sensors, data processing and insight platform RADAR.

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Badger Meter

Press Release Jan 5, 2023 – Badger Meter acquires Syrinix to enhance its smart water capabilities.

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Texas Water 2023

The City of Galveston will present how pressure monitoring aided network visibility, at Texas Water 2023

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